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"... I couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect addition to the glorious day Alex and I had. You and your colleagues played beautifully and exquisitely. Your superb and flawless talent really enhanced the atmosphere and made the ceremony more moving and lovely. The music provided by the trio for the cocktail hour was upbeat and mood-setting, and just superb as well. ..."

-- Mr. & Mrs. D

"... The lovely melodies played by the four stringed instruments provided exactly what I was hoping for - an elegant and classic touch to accompany our garden party atmosphere. ..."

-- JA

Bouquet and loving hands"... Thank you for the lovely music. You provided the perfect accompaniment to our dinner party. ... "

-- P&S

"... I am the only bride I know of that got to walk down the aisle to a Billy Joel song and out of the church to the Beatles. You did a beautiful job and were the talk of the ceremony. So many of our guests approached us saying how wonderful you were and what a nice touch it was to the ceremony...."

-- B&M

"Your group played beautifully, and I really appreciated your ability to adapt to last minute modifications."

-- J&C

"Thank you so much for your incredible music.  You're all very talented and I will happily recommend you to others.  Take care and thanks again."

-- Maria

radiant bride
"We thank you a lot for organizing such a professional and pleasant group.

Thank you!."

- MJ

Outdoor wedding Quartet

"If you ever find it useful to give out my name as a reference, I would gladly furnish a very enthusiastic one."

-- BD

"Thank you for your time and patience and especially for your professionalism. I have been talking to so many people in arranging this wedding, and you most definitely outshine the rest."

-- Denise

"Your flexibility and cheerfulness in accommodating our musical tastes made it a pleasure to work with you. Your playing was elegant and joyful."

-- IOF

"Your timing was flawless, and the elegance of the music contributed a lot to the beauty and dignity of the service."

-- WSM

"One of the loveliest parts of the day for me was getting into my wedding gown upstairs, and being soothed by the melodies of the quartet as they drifted up from the ballroom. It was a marvelous, unexpected surprise for me."

-- LZW

"From the beginning I felt confident that you understood the mood and setting we were hoping to create. "

-- JP

You came through with professional and beautiful grace.

-- CS

Your music is what made our wedding something special, and I can’t believe there ever was or ever will be anything like it.

-- SK

The music was absolutely beautiful, even more than we hoped it would be. Also thank you for making sure our special song was played.

-- J&B

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